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Some types of refrigerator problems—like a burnt out light bulb or a leaky water line—are so easy to diagnose anyone can do it. But other problems are much harder to pin down. For example, if your fridge is not cooling, the problem might be any one of 5 common problems including dirty condenser coils, a bad evaporator fan motor, a bad condenser fan motor, a faulty thermostat, or a broken compressor. You certainly would not want your refrigerator repair contractor to rely on guesswork to find the solution to your problem.

At Kuwait Repairs, we won’t waste your time or money by guessing on unnecessary or incorrect repairs. Instead, you can rely on our technicians to make a careful inspection of your refrigerator & freezer and correctly diagnose the root cause of your problem.

The result?


A lasting and reliable repair that is going to allow you to enjoy the best possible performance from your refrigerator.

Each of our service locations keeps a supply of quality brand name parts on hand, enabling us to provide the fastest possible repairs for any type of fridge or freezer component including:


Water filters

Defrost heaters

Cold controls

Door switches and seals

Condenser coils



Fan motors

We offer up-front, flat-rate pricing for all of our repair services.

Your refrigerator is leaking water.
If your refrigerator is leaking, a plugged drain hose or defrost drain opening could be to blame. Or the gasket around the door could be worn. A Best Ac Repairing carries many replacement parts, including commercial refrigeration gaskets.

There is fluid in fresh food compartments.
If fluid has accumulated in the fresh food compartments of your refrigerator, it could be the result of old or damaged door seals. Examine your seals, and call our experts for replacement service.

There is excessive frost in the freezer.
If you notice excessive frost in your freezer, the defrost system may be faulty or the evaporator fan motor may need to be replaced. A Best Ac Repairing can diagnose this issue and complete the appropriate commercial refrigerator repair.

Your refrigerator stopped running.
If your commercial refrigerator stopped working completely, the first thing to check is the thermostat—chances are, you need to have it replaced. Our technicians can get the job done quickly so your business isn’t stalled.

Your refrigerator isn’t cooling properly.
If your refrigerator is having trouble maintaining its temperature, the thermostat, door gasket or a blocked drain could all be to blame. Ask our experts for commercial refrigerator troubleshooting and repair.

Your refrigerator is making strange noises.
If your unit is making strange or loud noises, this could be an indication that the compressor motor is failing or the fan is wearing out. We can replace those for you!


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Best AC Repairing is the most trusted and reliable company for all your AC Repair needs.


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